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Member Top Tips

Member Top Tips

Welcome to Top Tips, provided to you by our Chamber Members.  Our Members are here to share their expert knowledge on areas that could help you in your business.

*Please note the top tips displayed are supplied by our Members and should not be considered as business advice supplied by the Chamber.

Members can submit their Top Tips now, via their Member Profile page.  To access this area you must login here. This is a free member only service.  Not a member?  Get in touch with our Membership Team or Join Today.


5 Ways That Team Coaching Improves Performance

Expires: 31/03/2022

Before we look at 5 ways that team coaching improves performance, we first need to answer the question, “What is performance?”.

What does it mean for a team to improve performance?  On the face of it, this can seem like an obvious question, it means m…

5 key benefits of returning to external venues

Expires: 31/03/2022

In September 2021, Smiths News, the UK’s largest wholesaler of newspapers and magazines returned to a face-to-face setting to host its Leadership Conference. With the aim to bring together over 50 members of the business to discuss and align prioriti…

Tips for mastering recruitment and selection

Expires: 31/01/2022

Recruitment and selection activities are some of the most expensive, time consuming, and risky activities that employers undertake. When done right it can tremendous value. However, when you get it wrong, the implications can be costly and potentiall…

Top 10 Tips for Improving Workplace Communication

Expires: 30/04/2022

Having good communication skills is highly beneficial in the workplace. Being able to communicate with your teammates, co-workers, and customers can help you to improve your professional relationships and become more productive.

In a time when many of…

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