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10 Best Grease Management Practices

Magnete is a local business based in Stratford-upon-Avon, we specialise in keeping Fat, Oil & Grease (FOG) out of drains and reusing it as a raw material in the circular economy, preventing heavy fines and costly blockages for local food business. We work with Aqua Mundus in Bidford-upon-Avon locally and we work with Thermaco internationally. 


Maintenance Schedule

The most important form of maintenance is regular cleaning. Big Dipper should be maintained daily.


"No Grease" Signs
Post "No Grease" signs above sinks floor drains, mop sinks, and dishwashers. By keeping grease out of the flow, you'll reduce the risk of clogs (that lead to expensive repairs).


Recycle waste cooking oil
More cooking oil than ever is being recycled into biodiesel fuel. Recycling your used cooking oil you can turn this into a revenue source.


Dry wiping
Dry wipe pots, pans, and dishware before washing. By reducing the amount of grease that enters the flow, you'll reduce the risk of clogs (that lead to expensive repairs).


Use Strainers
Use strainers to catch food scraps and other solids. In-sink strainers reduce solids related problems in your plumbing considerably and are easily emptied.


Correctly dispose of food waste
Food waste of all kinds can be discarded with solid waste, do not try to send it down the sink. Some food scraps can also be recycled.


Do not pour grease down sinks or toilets 
Pouring grease down sinks and toilets will come back to haunt you, either in the form of plumbing clogs inside your building, or fines from grease illegally being released into the waste water system.


Regularly clean kitchen exhaust filters
Grease can accumulate on kitchen exhaust filters, eventually ending up on the exterior of your building. On the exterior, that grease can be washed by rain into the storm sewers. Grease building up on exhaust filters also represents a major fire hazard.


Outdoor oil storage
If you are storing waste grease or used oil outside cover the containers. Locate outdoor grease storage containers away from storm drain catch basins. Rain can cause outdoor containers to overflow, this ensures little or no grease will escape into the wastewater system.


Train your kitchen staff on FOG Best Management Practices! Best management practices for fats, oils and grease should be a standard part of training for all kitchen employees. Don’t let someone else create problems for your commercial kitchen due to a lack of training. Visit for more information

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