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EU Transition Customs Checklist

Importers/Exporters will now need to make customs declarations when moving goods between the EU and the UK.

Chamber Customs is the customs advisory, training and brokerage service delivered through Chambers of Commerce across the UK. Please contact us today to find out how we can support your business at or call us on 02476 654321.

C&W Chamber of Commerce can help your business now the transition period has ended.

1. EORI number

Has your business registered for an EORI number to continue trading with the EU in the event of a no deal? UK Government guidance on EORI numbers: Get a UK EORI number to trade within the EU:

2. HS Code / Commodity Code

Do you know the HS codes (international classification system) for your products?

How to check the tariffs that will apply to goods you import when the UK Global Tariff takes effect on 1 January 2021.

Please find details of our next DIT: Understanding Commodity Codes training courses here to help prepare your business

3. Incoterms

Are you familiar with Incoterms? Knowing the International Terms and Conditions of Service will help you set the right contract terms to reflect potential changes of status (becoming an exporter/importer) once the UK leaves the EU.

Please find details of our next DIT: Incoterms 2020 course here

4. Origin of goods

Even if the UK has a zero-tariff trade agreement with the EU, companies will need to prove that their product is of UK origin to benefit from this (usually, this means that 50-55% of the product has to be locally sourced). The exact terms of these rules between the UK and the EU are yet to be negotiated.

If you are a supplier, has your customer asked you to provide proof of where you source your content? Would you be able to provide it if asked? If you buy your components from local suppliers, have you thought about conducting an audit of where they source their materials?

5. Deferment Account

If you import goods regularly, you can apply for a duty deferment account to delay paying most customs charges, for example:

Customs Duty

Excise duty

Import VAT

A duty deferment account lets you make one payment a month through Direct Debit instead of paying for individual consignments.

Changes from 1 January 2021

There is a new simple process for anyone getting a new deferment account to use from 1 January 2021. This is for anyone importing goods to Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) or releasing goods from an excise warehouse in Great Britain. This will mean you can apply for a guarantee waiver and, subject to compliance and solvency checks, means you will not need to provide a guarantee.

If you already hold a duty deferment account you can also apply for a guarantee waiver for this account. The guidance and application process will be open from early November on GOV.UK.

Details can be found at:

6. Valuation

How will your business arrive at a value for Customs Duty on import?

Your company can do this by using one of six methods. Further guidance can be found on the HMRC website within Notice 252.

The Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce can provide further training and provide various courses to help your business prepare. Please contact for information.

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